Lengua Inglesa IV

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Improving Listening Skills

This is a websit full of recomendations for those who want to practice their listening skills...

Have a look and see!

Improving Listening Skills

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Ya están la notas en Red Campus!!

Os recuerdo, que aún no se encuentran en las actas, por la necesidad de tener que tener que mostralas desglosadas en destrezas. Para acceder a ellas entrad en "Apoyo a la Docencia"-"Bibliografía"-"Mis matariales".

Las revisiones se harán el lunes 11 de julio de 16 a 19 horas y martes de 15 a 17 horas.

Have a nice weekend!


Friday, July 08, 2005

Fun with English

I would like to show you the result of lots of years of teaching EFL to young learners of this great Portuguesse teacher who is Teresa....

Come and see...

Fun with English



Do you think it is the same? What is English in Spain for our students? Is is an ESL or a EFL?

Please, I need comments....What do you think?

Your favourite word....


more‧o‧ver W2 [sentence adverb] formal
in addition - used to introduce information that adds to or supports what has previously been said:
The rent is reasonable and, moreover, the location is perfect.
The source of the information is irrelevant. Moreover, the information need not be confidential.

Moreover is very formal and not common in spoken English. Use besides or also instead.

Why do you like so much this word???

LDOCE (http://www.ldoceonline.com/)

Why do you like so much this word??? :(

** By the way, the writing part is not so bad....;)

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Wow.... what an amount of work...

Hi everybody!

I the same way I told you yesterday that I was a little sad because I had been correcting the reading part and it was not very good... I have to tell you that some of your portfolio (chats, foros, weblogs, extra work...) is really good!!! But very good. You may not realized of the so good input that is that for you.... I have never had the oportunity to read real dirty language when I was studying... And that is English too... That's real real English from people of you same age..Great!

Thanks for your feedback!


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

English with "E"!!!

Please, don't make me cry....:(


PS. and Spanish...and Chinesse!!!

A Little Help with Capitals

A Little Help with Capitals

Checking your exams...

I am correcting your reading part, and, although I not taking into account your way of writing when summarizing, I must say that you go on having problemas with the order ordering information in the sentence. You always try to follow Spanish order and make things much more difficult to what they could be...

Please...., it is simple:


Never long sentences.

Try no to gegin sentences with "in this text, picture, fragment....." (That's Spanglish and very informal...:(

Anyway, don't panic.... be patient please...


PS. I will be at the Uni all the afternoon if you need me...

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Languages & Principe de Asturias Award

Trying to look for something interesting for my next eaxm, I found this great report! It is in Spanish but... I think it is ver interesting for all of us...


For you to see that there is more that English in the world...;)


Saturday, June 25, 2005

Using the right verb tense

Most of you have problems you you have to choose whether using one tense or the other. I ave just came across this schema that I think it could help you to have clearer ideas....;)

BGB001-pp244-245.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Have a nice weekend!